GSI - Global Solutions Industrie
Certifié IFS Brokers

The IFS is a standard created in 2003 that aims to federate the quality and safety requirements of mass market players. In 2014, GSI was one of the first companies in the meat sector to obtain IFS BROKER certification (reserved for traders); it subsequently renewed this certification with the higher level since 2015.
This official recognition sign reflects our commitment to our quality approach whose main objective remains the satisfaction of our customers and consumers. The renewal of this certificate is a step that is part of our policy of continuous improvement, in order to strengthen the trust of our customers, and to perpetuate partnerships.

Logos Agriculture biologique

GSI also markets products from organic farming, a mode of production that finds its originality in cultural and livestock practices concerned with respect for natural balances. It excludes the use of synthetic chemicals, GMOs and limits the use of inputs.

Logos labels viandes

GSI chose to market, among others, products originating from France. The Viande de France logos ensure that meat comes from animals born, bred, slaughtered, cut and processed in France. It also guarantees a production method that respects the environment, animal welfare and animals fed a healthy and sustainable diet.

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We rigorously select and evaluate our partners in order to develop a reliable network with...
  • A service rate updated permanently after each delivery,
  • Systematic monitoring of corrective actions,
  • The first productions are automatically accompanied.
A systematic follow-up formalised in order to guarantee the consumer regular quality thanks to...
  • Follow-up audits of our partners,
  • Control of our productions during regular site visits.

HACCP is the method of controlling food safety.
Thanks to an exhaustive analysis of the dangers, it reduces the physical, chemical, microbiological risks for the consumer at each stage of the manufacturing process.
We have developed for each family of products our own HACCP study and we ensure for each referencing that the HACCP study of our partners takes into account the risks that we have identified and that the tools for controlling these risks are in place (in particular the Critical Control Point (CCP), which are the critical points for the control).

Any new partner is the subject of a thorough referencing survey.
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Control of processes and controls for maximum safety and customer satisfaction...
Guarantee of control and respect of manufacturing processes.
Involvement of our teams in order to provide solutions to industrial issues.

Controls possible at each stage according to the specifications:

  • Identification of animal species (DNA test),
  • Bacteriological tests,
  • Histological tests,
  • Adapted physical-chemical control plans.
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Controlled traceability
for reliable information and speed of action...
All the specific data is directly recorded in a commercial management software adapted to our activity, thus facilitating their access.
We work directly with slaughterhouses and manufacturers in short circuits to guarantee reliable and fast traceability.
Etiquette de traçabilité